We will work for lower energy consumption and a better outdoor environment with decreased pollution in nature without having to sacrifice the indoor environment.


Our ambition is to provide you with the latest news from each area. Our target audience are those who feel that they have questions they are embarassed to ask, but need answered. Our courses will always be based on the laws of nature.


The world around us is in continous development and it requires knowledge to take part in the rapid development happening around us. We are eager to help you through the jungles of knowledge and make tailored courses to meet your needs. This could be learning about cleanrooms, how a building uses communication, HVAC or dancing.


If you feel that you lack knowledge about  all the various functions in a building we are here to close that knowledge gap.

There are very few companies that know so much about the whole building, all the functions and all the details involved in creating an energy efficient, sustainable and energy providing indoor climate.


Although a healthy indoor climate is important, we need more to feel well and be healthy. It is also important to exercise, some go to the gym – we prefer dancing



Helena Gunnarsson,
financial manager and healthcare expert. Besides keeping the company’s invoices in order she is an avid motorcyclist in her spare time. Helena is the person in charge of the healthcare department in the company by leading courses in Linedancing..



+46 (0)705-45 16 70


HANS +46 (0)730-50 09 55HANS +46 (0)730-50 09 55



Hans Klintin,
 the expert and wise man of the company. Hasse has great experience from the service and construction fields as well project management within electronics, cooling, heating, ventilation and sanitation.  Hans’ main responsibility is education related to the areas above, consulting and assistance during inspections.



Torvald Gunnarsson,

is the technical guru and oracle. There are many epithets to describe Torvald. He has a thorough technical background and a never ending curiosity into research and technology.  During his last thirteen years at Swegon Torvald was an important link between the market and the R&D department. Many of Torvald’s ideas are industry standards today. His great knowledge about details and their holistic effects makes him unique.


TORVALD +46 (0)705-14 54 03


+46 (0)705-14 54 03


+46 (0)730-50 09 55


Knowledge is perishable, which is why it is important to always stay up to date.
Our ambition is that our courses always have the most current information.



Refrigeration technology is a basic course teaching you the basics of refrigeration and heat pump technology. We guide you through the cooling circuit and its intricate details and explain how everything works. We also look at how chosen solutions, details and actual operations effect energy efficiency. After the course you will know how a cooling circuit or a heat pump works and understand why it doesn’t work when it should.




The communication technology course aims at giving you a good general knowledge in regards to communication within building automation.
This course will teach you various concepts – what they really mean and what important parts you shouldn’t miss when constructing networks and sharing information between different systems.



The acoustics course takes you through the terminology used within acoustics. You will learn how to estimate noise levels from a fan to a room via the various ventilation attenuators and different generated sounds.

What sound level is to be expected and what to do if we do not acheive the expected level. We also go through various measuring techniques and what discrepancies there are in different products’ presentations.



Summer 2013:

Ex-Pro Sverige AB is formed and registered.


Year end 2013–2014:

Things are shaping up. The company is getting its first great commission.

A large building in Norrköping needs a better indoor climate for its tenants as well as reducing its energy consumption.  In hindsight it seems we did pretty well with that commission.


The word is out, which has the positive effect that new and successful partnerships are formed.

We embark on the task of building an education platform.

Several courses and training events are held during the year.


Autumn 2014:
Yet another client with specific needs enquired about our services and we get to apply our expertise within control and regulation technology as well as communication.


December 2014:
We move to a new and better situated site. It is closer to our homes which has the benefit of us reducing our own carbon footprints. All in the favour of living like we learn.


Spring 2015:
Our conference room is finally finished and we enjoy the very first all-day visit from a client. 
Most of the day successfully spent in the new conference room.

Another well known company is tied to our business. Our expertise is highly sought after.


June 2015:
Water damage in the office. Two monitors and one computer destroyed due to water.
We are forced to regroup and await renovation of our premises.


September 2015:
Finally back in fresh and newly renovated facilities.


Autumn 2016:

We face a proper challenge. A bakery needs to extend and move its business.

There are two ovens with oil burners each of approximately 300kW.


Spring 2017:

We are awarded a silver in creditworthiness by UC (Sweden’s leading business and

credit reference agency).


Summer 2017:

We aquire a new CAD program. This allows us a better support for 3D rendering

and better compatibility with other CAD programs on the market.





Ex-Pro Sverige AB

Krusenhofsvägen 31

616 32  ÅBY


TORVALD +46 (0)705-14 54 03

HANS +46 (0)730-50 09 55

HELENA +46 (0)705-45 16 70


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